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The G&C Logistic Support Warehouse has 5000 square feet of reception and dispatch areas, storage, preparation, and offices. The distribution of racks is arranged in the form of central bodies circuit (drive-in type) which makes the use of space more effective and the use of time more efficient - in handling the goods while in transit and in storage.

Our Warehouse is completely built out of solid concrete, including the roof, and our doors are high impact resistant. All expansion joints have water collector channels that prevent flooding in case of hurricanes. The external access areas are monitored by central administration with the use of security cameras and surveillance service. All items previously mentioned are aspects that ensure the security and integrity of the merchandise that our customers trust us with.

We have deck for the loading and unloading of containers and trucks, as well as, a large capacity ramp for easy loading and unloading of transport vehicles including smaller individuals.

Also we have a CCTV system which digitally records all areas of the Warehouse and provides surveillance 24/7. This system provides motion alerts and the loss of video feed. It also allows monitoring and taking action via the Internet.

Finally the geographical location facilitates the shipment of goods to all ports and airports serving the greater Miami area which improves the response time of ailines and cargo carriers due to the proximity of their offices.